PWC.PS3: Energy

1) Investigate the definitions of force, work, power, kinetic energy, and potential energy.

2) Analyze the characteristics of energy and conservation of energy including friction, gravitational potential energy, and kinetic energy.

3) Compare and contrast the following ways in which energy is stored in a system: mechanical, electrical, chemical, and nuclear.

4) Describe various ways in which energy is transferred from one system to another (mechanical contact, thermal conduction, and electromagnetic radiation).

5) Demonstrate how or explain that energy is conserved in an isolated system even if transformations occur within the system (i.e., chemical to electrical, electrical to mechanical).

6) Calculate quantitative relationships associated with the conservation of energy. 7) Describe various ways in which matter and energy interact.

8) Mathematically quantify the relationship among electrical potential, current, and resistance in an ohmic system.

9) Relate the first law of thermodynamics as an application of the law of conservation of energy.

10) Analyze the relationship between energy transfer and disorder in the universe (second law of thermodynamics).